"Women can't fish !" This American can, over 4 days of Cruising fishing and wildlife
watching she enjoyed herself immensely especially when she received and opened a
bottle of Tattinger for catching the biggest fish !  a 13 and a half  pound turbot.
There's not much better than fish caught then cooked on board shortly after
and  then eaten for lunch.   (One of the best reasons to be on a boat )
Fresh  Fish
Caught and released, a 2 metre Porbeagle Shark
A lady with technique
Or why not try some Night
Fishing - the Excalibur is
equipped with underwater  
fishing lights, This is a
quick breakdown of the
science  ....the bright blue
light is an irresistable draw
to the little fish, the little
fish are an irresistable draw
to  the medium fish and the
medium fish draw  in the
big game fish, who will
lurk in the depths beneath
Two miles offshore
A Fabulous Pollock
Aft the Excalibur features a diving board / swim platform and transom,  so
landing REALLY big fish  is  so much easier .