The Excalibur has sailed most of the
Mediterranean Sea and has been from
Portovenere to Zakinthos in a single day,
she is a confidence inspiring European
citizen that has taken on very harsh sea
conditions  and come through unaffected.

She has 750 Horsepower provided by
two 375 Hp Turbo Charged After-cooled
engines, she cruises at 22 knots, and can
do 30 knots top speed , she can carry  
tup to 8 people and has a range of
approximately 750 miles.

There is a dining space for up to 8 people
in the salon, with stereo, Television,
Playstation 2, dvd player and drinks

She is a luxury boat made of GRP, with  
semi-displacement trawler features to
enable good sea-keeping and pleasant
sailing.  There is a spacious elevated teak
aft deck which is perfect for socializing,
whale/dolphin watching or fishing,  
beyond and below that is a fishing area  
and at the very stern of the boat is the
swiming/diving platform. Coming to the
front of the boat is a sunning area
spacious enough for two people.
Captain John Neckleman
World traveller and sailor for 24 years , self made man, and restaurateur.
His knowledge of the sea and fishing is expansive. He speaks English, Italian and Swahili fluently
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Boat Specification.

One very experienced Captain speaks English and Italian fluently


TV, DVD Player
Stereo, Fishing Rods & Reels, 3000 foot Fishfinder
Ice Maker, Cocktail Glasses, Beer Mugs.
A Big Luxurious Boat

A glimpse into the Boring but Necessary Stuff

*Items in red are brought on board when required

General Hardware & Equipment

2  Engines @  750 hp
Flares, Emergency Liferaft, life jackets for 14,
watermaker [desalination machine]
48 mile Radar, Chartplotter, Depth sounder,
VHF radio

For Cruising
Fuel Capacity - 2725 litres -
Water Capacity -680 litres
Displacement - 35,200 pounds
Range - approx 700 miles at 10 knots
Inflatable rib with outboard engine.
Life raft
Fully equipped kitchen with oven, refrigerator/freezer
microwave with electric barbecue & gas hob.

For offshore International Day Cruising & Fishing

For Fishing
Quality fishing tacke and rods
Fishing bait and catch ice box
High powered Underwater transom mounted blue or white night XENON light
Ice maker
*Electric deep sea fishing reel for fishing @ depths of 2000 metres.
Captain John Necklemann with what appears to be a fish.  
John in disguise with an amazing Sea turtle,
hopefully it is  still swimming free in the
Mediterranean  Sea
The Captain
The Boat
About The Boat